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Distance Learners in Higher Education: Institutional Responses for Quality Outcomes
Edited by Chere Campbell Gibson

Our celebrated authors have collaborated in Distance Learners in Higher Education, designed to give faculty unique perspectives on a variety of issues in higher education today. Edited by Chre Campbell Gibson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Continuing and Vocational Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this volume encompasses the full realm of teaching and learning at a distance from both an administrative and faculty viewpoint.  Connecting the demographics of the distance learner, cultural considerations, academic self-concept and support, and learning strategies, Distance Learners is of interest to faculty and administrators in higher education. This book focuses on the learner and the conditions for learning, and is essential for those who need to stay current in this rapidly changing area.

Introduction by Michael Moore, Associate Professor of Adult Education at Pennsylvania State University and Director of the American Center for the Study of Distance Education.

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Distance Learners in Higher Education

ISBN# 1-891859-23-4
112 pages

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