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Learning Style Perspectives:
Impact in the Classroom

Third Edition
by Lynne M. Celli & Nicholas D.Young

The influence of an individual student's learning style over his or her education is not to be underestimated. Teachers have long known that each of their students learns in different ways. However, the abundance of overlapping and sometimes contradictory writing on the subject of learning styles can be disorienting for educators seeking to use implement these techniques in their classrooms.

The concept of learning styles provides a framework for understanding differences in the ways students perceive and process information. Learning Style Perspectives is designed to help teachers address the individual learning needs of their students precisely and compassionately.

In this third edition, authors Lynne Celli and Nicholas Young summarize the variant critical theories and then synthesize the best elements of them into a cohesive, intelligent approach to teaching to students' strengths.

Dividing the learning constructs of students (and teachers) into three basic types -- auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic -- they detail the distinctive characteristics of each learning preference, along with preinstructional and teaching strategies. Finally, the authors also give tips for assessment and evaluation of each differing style. They synthesize these variant theories into a cohesive, intelligent approach to teaching to students' strengths.

This book also includes easily referenced charts of descriptors, strategies, and student behaviors. As a guide to the ins and outs of learning styles, it will prove invaluable to teachers at any level.

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