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turbulent times
Confronting Challenges in Emerging Adulthood

By Nicholas D. Young, Christine N. Michael, and Teresa A. Citro

From the Preface:

Turbulent Times: Confronting the Challenges in Emerging Adulthood
was written for the leaders, faculty, staff, and counselors of both higher education institutions and secondary schools; community and business leaders; and emerging adults themselves, as well as their extended family members. This is a book for those who recognize that emerging adulthood has been defined as a unique developmental stage, situated between the end of adolescence and the beginning of true adulthood.

Much has been written about the nature of adolescence and the transition to adult roles, but few scholars and practitioners have centered their writings on the incredibly important nature of emotional, social, career, and relational elements of confronting the myriad, simultaneous expectations of the emerging adult period.

The motivation for writing this book comes from a number of concerns:
  • Our belief that emerging adulthood is indeed a distinct developmental stage of human development with specific tasks to be mastered;
  • Our recognition that perhaps nowhere else in the lifespan is there a stage in which an individual is simultaneously confronted with as many critical choices involving identity, education, intimacy, career, and personal values;
  • Our knowledge that the tasks of emerging adulthood may be even more difficult for special populations;
  • Our realization that even as adolescents move into emerging adulthood, they need the continued support and guidance of extended family, peers, community members, mentors, and other involved adults to discover and maximize their potentials;
  • Our concern about the troubling numbers of emerging adults in this society who are not fulfilling their academic, social, civic, and career potentials;
  • Our fear that levels of anxiety, substance abuse, depression, social aggression and other mental health problems are rising, and will continue to do so unless emerging adults are supported
    through this challenging period;
  • Our awareness that there are myriad ways in which promoting positive mental health, moral development, and academic success increase the likelihood that students will thrive in all arenas;
  • Our interest in identifying and sharing best practices that lead to academic, personal, mental health, career, and social success for emerging adults;
  • Our years of experience in educating parents, teachers, school counselors, college faculty and staff, and other helping professionals that has led to the recognition that there is age-specific
    knowledge that could assist these key partners in building the self-knowledge, resilience, and self-advocacy skills of emerging adults so that they can craft life plans that have goodness-of-fit
    for them as unique individuals.
Secondary students who enter college after high school come face to face with academic challenges while they also work through all of the intricacies of separating from community and family of origin and find an initial sense of autonomous identity.

Turbulent Times

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ISBN# 978-0-9972489-8-2

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