Mentoring Non-Tenure Track Faculty:
A Strategic Collaboration Approach
Leah Wasburn-Moses & Mara H. Wasburn

How can faculty who are not on the tenure track develop their career, avoid being overlooked, and contribute to academic departments?

How can the pitfalls of conventional mentoring systems be addressed and resolved?

These questions are inter-connected, and in "Mentoring Non-Tenure Track Faculty," the authors reveal solutions to both of them, applying their innovative mentoring method to the case of non-tenure track faculty. This group represents an increasing portion of higher education faculty, yet their professional development is often neglected or under-served and their potential contributions are missed. Providing for their mentoring needs is critical and essential.

The authors enumerate the shortcomings of conventional models of mentoring, exploring their pitfalls for the growing non-tenure track faculty population. They advocate for a more cooperative, group-based approach they call the Strategic Collaboration Method.

Both straightforward and detailed, Mentoring Non-Tenure Track Faculty presents a clear case for a new kind of mentoring -- and then show how it can be accomplished. It will foster an inclusive and dynamic atmosphere for all faculty.

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Mentoring Non-Tenure Faculty

ISBN-13: 978-1-891859-61-8


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