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The Power of the Professoriate:
Demands, Challenges, and Opportunities in 21st Century Higher Education

by Nicholas D. Young and Lynne M. Celli

Postsecondary educators are living through an era of extraordinary change. From non-tenure teaching positions, to the evolution of technology in teaching, to myriad campus programs and professional expectations, educators find themselves searching for solutions and some guidance in managing the “new normal.” The authors and contributors reflect on these changes and show ways in which they and others have evolved their practice to reflect the changes of 21st Century challenges.

Young and Celli detail their motivation in writing this book and their convictions for their shared profession:

  • Our belief that the professoriate is a unique and changing landscape—one that merits special attention because it is distinctly different both from any other teaching capacity and from its historical past
  • Our concern regarding the nature of the professorship, tenure and non-tenure positions alike, with all the new roles and expectations that have become superimposed upon them
  • Our knowledge that the professor plays an increasingly important role in student retention and college recruitment
  • Our desire to identify and share best teaching practices and new ideas regarding the changing world of the college/university professor
  • Our interest in sharing our combined years of experience in higher education fulfilling the major tenets of the role, including teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Our passion in helping the next generation of professors explore and find career and life success in academia, understanding that this cannot be completed in isolation because it requires a team dedicated to the success of students
As postsecondary educators move into a new professional world, the challenges faced are also the opportunities at hand for becoming part of the evolving and exciting profession.

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ISBN# 978-0-9972489-4-4

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