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Educating the Experienced
Challenges and Best Practices in Adult Learning

By Nicholas D. Young, Lynne M. Celli, and Melissa A. Mumby

Adult learners come to postsecondary education with unique skillsets, backgrounds, and goals. They come with different life experiences from the traditional aged learners. How does the educator organize a course to meet the needs of these learners? How does an educator determine these needs? How can they be balanced with the traditional students? And, does online learning facilitate the process?

In the Foreword, Chrystal Denmark Porter writes:

"The topic of adult learning is of particular importance for those who are leading groups of educators through change, whether that be change of methodology, curriculum, schedules, climate, orientation to learning, or any number of challenges to the status quo that require groups of individuals to navigate new territory. Initiatives, mandates, and research proliferateó it is to the benefit of the educational leader and trainers to be able to most effectively lead adults to and through learning in order to respond efficiently and responsibly to the challenges of change."

The authors address this responsibility and state their purpose for writing this book:

The authors state that their motivations for this text are:
  • Our belief that postsecondary institutions need to understand the demographics of their current students and how adult learning principles can lead to the creation of more valuable and meaningful courses;
  • Our concern that college campuses are rapidly morphing into a new and different type of postsecondary setting, which requires a shift in thinking to more fully meet the needs of experienced adults who are continuing their formal education;
  • Our knowledge that when faculty consider adult learning principles to guide their main teaching mode, adult learners benefit with hands-on experiences and immediate outcomes;
  • Our interest in providing a platform for contemporary students and college instructors to understand adult learning theories, principles, and best practices;
  • Our passion in providing the most recent research and knowledge to forward the conversation on how best to support adult learners.
Find answers to the questions posed here to improve your efforts with adult and returning learners.

What they are saying about Educating the Experienced...

With a growing number of nontraditional students entering the college ranks, Educating the Experienced: Challenges and Best Practices in Adult Learning, comes at the perfect time to offer support to all those who work with or on behalf of adult learners. The authors first explain adult learning theory, define the demographics, needs, and learning styles of the contemporary student, and then delve into best practices and strategies for teaching this unique population. This book is helpful in creating the just-right experience that the contemporary student needs.

Elizabeth Jean, EdD
Van Loan School of Education, Endicott College, Beverly, MA

Educating the Experienced

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ISBN# 978-1-891859-87-8

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