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Dog Tags to Diploma
Understanding and Addressing the Educational Needs of Veterans, Servicemembers, and their Families

By Col Nicholas D. Young, Christine Nevada Michael, and Elizabeth Jean

Veterans and active duty personnel come to postsecondary education with unique skillsets and life experiences. Most are older than traditional age students and most have a wealth of professional skills. They come for a variety of reasons and bring a variety of strengths and needs.

The authors state that their motivations for this text are:
  • Our belief that active duty military and veteran students represent a unique population of learners with particular needs;
  • Our concern about the issues many face in transitioning from the culture of the military to the culture of college;
  • Our belief that the military college student population is extremely diverse, and with such diversity, comes the need for culturally-competent classrooms;
  • Our recognition that few faculty and staff on college campuses have received specific training and professional development that prepares them to work effectively with the military population;
  • Our interest in identifying and sharing best practices that lead to academic, personal, mental health, and social success for SVSM and their dependents.
Lead author, Col Nicholas Young, brings a special professional perspective as both a lifetime military service member and a lifetime educator. Here the two blend to reflect on the best-practices available, the current research, and the options and opportunities to provide a welcoming and productive environment for our veterans and active duty personnel.

Of particular note is the Resource listing for educators and students.

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Dog Tags to Diploma

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for Veteran & Active Service Students

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