What They’re Saying about MindMeld...
Jon and Penny's book is invaluable guide for anyone developing games or eLearning content. It's a both empirically grounded and practical handbook that is invaluable for the field. Kurt Squire, Associate Professor, Educational Communications & Technology, Curriculum & Instruction and Associate Director of Educational Research and Development, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The collaboration between the content experts and the designers is one of equal importance. When both individuals are encouraged by managers to contribute an equal voice to the development landscape, quality always follows. — Amy Dietz, Program Administrator and Adviser, HRER Master of Professional Studies, The Pennsylvania State University

Aleckson and Ralston-Berg have skillfully blended examples, rationales and guidelines for effective teamwork that combines eLearning designer’s technological savvy and expert’s content and tacit knowledge. Readers of MindMeld will appreciate their practical attention to helping teams of designers and experts create interactive learning activities that reflect communication, simulations and ongoing evaluation for improvement of activities that engage and inspire learners. — Alan B. Knox, Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin