Table of Contents

Wish I Were: Felt Pathways of the Self
by Linda Rogers


Preface: Semioticizing the Self: Social Therapy as Transformation
          by Peter McLaren

Chapter 1: Journeys of a Non-Voluntary Pilgrim: "I have speech — not your speech, but I have speech"
          by Linda J. Rogers

Chapter 2: The Ecology of a Research Relationship
          by Jeff Dykhuizen and John Rossiter

Chapter 3: Writing Lives: Writing Life
          by Linda J. Rogers

Chapter 4: The Role of Time in the Management of Disabilities: Conflicts of Home and School
          by Nancy S. Haas

Chapter 5: Beyond Schutz: Absence Face to Face
          by Richard M. Carp

Chapter 6: Inside Passages to the Self: Deaners and Pilgrimage in Fairmount
          by James F. Hopgood

Chapter 7: The Sealing of Wounds and the Restoration of Vagueness
          by Linda J. Rogers

Chapter 8: Healing: A Journey Forward After a Crisis
          by Sarah Rae Mechem

Chapter 9: "Never, Without Her Gladiator": Christina Rossetti, Mary Magdalen, and the Disguises of Desire
          by Phyllis Passariello

Chapter 10: The Felt Self: Life into Fiction, Fiction into Life
          by Linda J. Rogers

Chapter 11: Blood Is
          by Linda J. Rogers

Epilogue: The Forms of Representations and Communication
          by Marcel Danesi





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