Table of Contents

Video Study Groups for Education, Professional Development, and Change
Francios Tochon


Introduction: Creating New Knowledge

  • When Research, Teaching, and Education Meld
  • Education and Video: The New Wave
  • Video Study Groups Situate Reflection
  • The Transformation of Recorded Pedagogy
  • Practical Knowledge is Broad, Flexible, and Varies

Chapter 1: Situating Interaction

  • Types of Video Study Groups
  • The Studio Video Study Group
  • The Individualized Video Study Group
  • The Other-viewing Video Study Group
  • The Integrated Video Study Group: From the Studio to the Professional Setting

Video Recording and the Surrounding Environment

  • Lightweight Equipment in a Flexible Setting
  • Ethical Considerations

A Tailored Setting

  • The Alternation of Action and Reflection
  • The Video Study Group: A Flexible, Tailored Structure

Tailored Teaching

  • Simulated Supply Teaching
  • Managing Discipline Problems

In Brief

Chapter 2: Organizing Interactions

Modulating Meetings

Creating an Interactive Community

  • Organizing Meetings Cooperatively
  • Specifying a Project’s Themes and Competencies
  • Focusing Attention on Personal Reflection
  • Dideor: The Stages of Video Pedagogy
  • Making Use of Professional Discourse Types
  • Creating Interaction Effects
  • Differentiating the Video Study Group’s Workshops
  • Sharing Responsibilities in the Video Study Group
  • Choosing a Reflection Paradigm for the Video Study Group

In Brief

Chapter 3: Choosing a Frame for Discussion

The Functional Video Study Group

  • Example 1: Integrating the Functional Frame
  • Functional Operation
  • Functional Practice

The Strategic Video Study Group

  • Example 2: Integrating the Strategic Frame
  • Strategic Operation
  • Strategic Practice

The Constructivist Video Study Group

  • Example 3: Integrating the Constructivist Frame
  • Constructivist Operation
  • Constructivist Practice

The Sociocritical Video Study Group

  • Example 4: Integrating the Sociocritical Frame
  • Sociocritical Operation
  • Sociocritical Practice

The Personal Video Study Group

  • Example 5: Integrating the Personal Frame
  • Personal Operation
  • Personal Practice

The Pragmatic Video Study Group

  • Example 6: Integrating the Pragmatic Frame
  • Pragmatic Operation
  • Pragmatic Practice

Some Important Points

In Brief

Chapter 4: Supporting Interaction

A Regulatory Vision of Support

  • Shared Observation
  • The Goals of Shared Facilitation
  • Stress, Truth, and Videotape
  • Listening to Raise Awareness
  • Analogies and Conceptualization
  • The Individual Reflective Interview
  • The Group Reflective Interview
  • Feedback and its Observable Components
  • The Elucidation of Practical Knowledge
  • Experience as Independent Knowledge

In Brief



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