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Teaching Diversity: 
Challenges and Complexities, Identities and Integrit

Edited by William M. Timpson, Silvia Sara Canetto, Evelinn A. Borrayo, and Raymond Yang


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Walking Our Talk: The Special Challenges of Teaching
                 Diversity by William M. Timpson

Chapter 2: Teaching about Human Diversity: Theoretical and
                 Epistemological Issues by Silvia Sara Canetto, Raymond
                 Yang, Evelinn Borrayo, and William M. Timpson

Chapter 3: From a Minority to a Majority Teaching Environment:
                 Lessons Learned and Transferable by Chance W. Lewis

Chapter 4: Experiencing Diversity in Distance Learning by Timothy
                 Gray Davies

Chapter 5: Creating Safe Learning Environments by Nathalie Kees

Chapter 6: Teaching the Diversity of World Religions by James W. Boyd

Chapter 7: Socratic and Therapeutic Underpinnings of Self-Disclosure
                 in the Classroom by Raymond Yang

Chapter 8: Making Space in the Classroom for My Gay Identity: A Letter
                 Iíve Been Wanting to Write by Eric Aoki

Chapter 9: Reaching the Congregation, Not Just the Choir: Conquering
                 Resistance to Diversity Issues by Val Middleton

Chapter 10: Using Dialogue Discussion Groups When Addressing
                   Sensitive Topics by Mona C. S. Schatz

Chapter 11: Majority as Minority: Transferring Lessons Learned from
                   Teaching K-12 Inner-City Students to the University by
Suzanne Tochterman

Chapter 12: E Pluribus Unum: Teaching Diversity in Rural Colorado by
Angela V. Paccione

Chapter 13: A Native Perspective on Teaching Law and U.S. Policy: 
                  The Inclusion of Federal Indian Law and Policy in a College
                  Curriculum by Roe Bubar and Irene Vernon

Chapter 14: Disability as Part of the Diversity Curriculum by Rosemary

Chapter 15: Alien Perspectives in Accented Voices: Classroom
                   Dynamics When International Female Instructors Teach
                   Diversity Content by Silvia Sara Canetto and Evelinn A.

Chapter 16: The Institutionís Commitment to Diversity: An Aid or
                   Hindrance to Teachers of Diversity? by James H. Banning

Chapter 17: Recalling the Canon by Jane Kneller

Chapter 18: Teaching about Diversity Issues in Natural Resources and
                   Outdoor Recreation Courses: Challenges and Complexities
                   by Nina S. Roberts

Chapter 19:
Student Voices by William M. Timpson

Chapter 20: Analysis: Safety Is the Leitmotif by Raymond Yang

Chapter 21: Teaching about Human Diversity: Lessons Learned and
                   Recommendations by Silvia Sara Canetto, William M.
                   Timpson, Evelinn Borrayo, and Raymond Yang
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