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Approaches to Communication:
Trends in Global Communication Studies
edited by Susan Petrilli

Preface: Semiotics in Theory and Practice
    Marcel Danesi

Introduction: Life in Global Communication
    Susan Petrilli

SECTION ONE: Peircean Foundations in Semiotic Studies

The Way of Peircean Signs
    Floyd Merrell

Peirce’s Categories and Sign Studies
    Vincent Colapietro

What Is Significance?
    T. L. Short

SECTION TWO: Semiotics and Semioethics in Global Communication

A Global Approach to Communication, Modeling, and Dialogism
    Augusto Ponzio

Man–Machine Communication in the Era of High Technology
    Susan Petrilli

Bodies, Signs, and Values in Global Communication
    Susan Petrilli and Augusto Ponzio

SECTION THREE: Critical Approaches to Signs and Communication, Genders and Subjects

Feminist Semiotics for Social Change: The Mother or the Market
    Genevieve Vaughan

Toward a Critical Semiotics: Feminist Interventions in Semiotic Theories
    Barbara Godard

Georges Bataille, at the Borders of Communication
    Marie-Christine Lala

Signifiers and Subjects
    Paul Cobley

SECTION FOUR: Signs, Communication, and Cultural Systems

The Three Crowns: The King of Lydia, the Thane of Cawdor, and the Emperor of Ice-Cream
    Thomas A. Sebeok

Semiotics and the Postmodern Cultural Unconscious
    John Deely

Culture(s)—a Conceptual Analysis
    Jeff Bernard

SECTION FIVE: Signs and Artistic Communication

Voice and Identity
    Eero Tarasti

Language/Image/Project: The Artist as Messenger
    Joyce Cutler-Shaw

Signs in Aesthetic Discourse: Iconicity, Intertextuality, Narrativity
    Eila Tarasti

From Il nome della rosa Back to "The Abbey of the Crime"? Texts by Umberto Eco and Jean-Jacques Annaud — A Comparison
    Gloria Withalm

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