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Leading a Small College or University:
A Conversation that Never Ends
Harry L. Peterson

Chapter 1
   Introduction: Thinking about the Presidency
Chapter 2
   Small Universities: Why Are They so Special?
Chapter 3
   Organizational Culture: How to Make Sense of Your University
Chapter 4
   How Organizations Shape Our Behavior: Why Do People Do the Things They Do?
Chapter 5
   Understanding Leadership: Beyond the Job Description
Chapter 6
   Success: How Do Some Presidents Achieve It?
Chapter 7
   Getting Started Right: The First Year and Beyond
Chapter 8
   Choosing and Leading Your Team: You Need Help
Chapter 9
   Working with Faculty: Why Don’t They  Get With the Program?
Chapter 10
   Students—They Are Why You’re Here
Chapter 11
   External Relations: You Need Outside Help 
Chapter 12
   How to Get the Best People: Personnel Searches
Chapter 13
   How and Why Presidents Fail: Crises, Causes, and Cures
Concluding Thoughts
Literature Cited
Suggested Reading
About the Author

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