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Turbulent Times

Confronting Challenges in Emerging Adulthood

By Nicholas D. Young, Christine N. Michael, and Teresa A. Citro


CHAPTER 1: Emerging Adulthood: Theories of the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

by Christine N. Michael, and Nicholas D. Young

CHAPTER 2: Coming to Campus: Developmental Challenges of the Transition to College for Diverse Emerging Adults

by Nicholas D. Young, and Christine N. Michael

CHAPTER 3: Personal Dependability: On the Way to Adulthood

by Ellen L. Duchaine

CHAPTER 4: Familial Roles, Structures, and Obligations: Helping Students Transition to Adulthood

by Cindy Nelson Head

CHAPTER 5: Meaningful Peer Relationships: Developing Safety Nets for Social Well-Being

by Nicholas D. Young and Kristen Bonanno-Sotiropoulos

CHAPTER 6: The College Classroom: Preparing Students for Success

by Angela Christine Fain

CHAPTER 7: Navigating the Complexities: Sexual and Gender Identity Development

by Leslie Jo Shelton and Ryan Bronkema

CHAPTER 8: Supporting Struggling Students on Campus: An Academic Recipe for Success

by Nicholas D. Young and Elizabeth Jean

CHAPTER 9: Valuing the Workforce of Tomorrow: Transition from Secondary Education

Kristi L. Santi, Jacqueline M. Hawkins, Janeen Antonelli, and Shemeka Phipps

CHAPTER 10: College to Career: Preparing Students for Work after Postsecondary Education

by Nicholas D. Young and Michaela F. Rice

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