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Educating the Experienced
Challenges and Best Practices in Adult Learning

By Nicholas D. Young, Lynne M. Celli, and Melissa A. Mumby

Foreword: Chrystal Denmark Porter, Associate Provost, Van Loan School, Endicott College


CHAPTER 1: Adult Learning Theory: Laying the Foundation for Success

CHAPTER 2: Characteristics of Adult Learners: Personal Qualities and Professional Ambitions

CHAPTER 3: Perspectives on Adult Learning: Prominent Considerations and Viewpoints

CHAPTER 4: Catalysts and Barriers to Adult Development: Individual Factors to Effective Educational Strategies

CHAPTER 5: Engaging Adult Learners in their Own Education: High Expectations to Programming Needs

CHAPTER 6: Creating Engaging Learning and Assessment Opportunities: Valuing the Individual While Maintaining High Standards

CHAPTER 7: Successful Interventions for Teaching Adults: The Importance of Communication and Collaboration

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