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Mentor In A Manual: Climbing the Academic Ladder to Tenure
A. Clay Schoenfeld & Robert Magnan

Foreword by Allan W. Ostar

Publisher's Notes

Preface to the Anniversary Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

Chapter 1: Acquiring a Professional Frame of Mind

  • A Pitfall and a Prescription
  • Weighing the Professoriate in the Balance
  • Attaining an Equilibrium
  • The Consummate Candidate
  • Preparing to Be a Professional

Chapter 2: Getting to Know Your Territory

  • The Sacred Triad
  • A Setting for This Manual
  • It's Called Socialization

Chapter 3: Grasping Generic Institutional Expectations

  • Essential Elements of Information
  • Sound Sources of Information
  • A Final Exam
  • A Balancing Act

Chapter 4: Appreciating the Practical Politics of Getting Promoted

  • Two Types of Political Subjects
  • A Final P&T Checklist

Chapter 5: The Teaching Challenge: Preparing to Teach

  • Representative Standards
  • Your Perspectives on Teaching
  • Conceptualizing Your Course and Your Goals
  • How Can I Facilitate Learning? Methods and Techniques
  • Assessing Student Change
  • Choosing Materials
  • Your Course Outline

Chapter 6: The Teaching Challenge: In the Classroom

  • Those First Few Minutes
  • Classroom Protocol
  • Checking on Your Performance
  • That Final Assessment
  • Moving On
  • Creating a New Course
  • Conclusion
  • Further Guidance: In the Classroom

Chapter 7: The Teaching Challenge: Outside the Classroom

  • Working with Students Outside the Classroom
  • Taking Your Teaching Out Into the World
  • Documenting Your Teaching Activities
  • Heart and Soul

Chapter 8: The Research Paradigm

  • Deciphering the Codes
  • Research Prerequisites
  • Making Peace with the Peerage
  • Tuning Up for Research
  • Different Disciplinary Concerns
  • What Research Says about Research
  • A Final Research Checklist

Chapter 9: The Service Syndrome

  • Representative Standards
  • Outreach Strategy and Tactics
  • Getting Down to Your Specific Options
  • Some Special Service Considerations
  • Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
  • A Final Service Checklist

Chapter 10: A Bottom Line: Getting Published

  • In the Beginning Was the Word
  • Choosing Role Models
  • The Ecology of Your Manuscript
  • Fitting Manuscript and Medium
  • Publishing and Producing
  • The "Business" Side of Writing

Chapter 11: Bell, Candle, and Book

  • The Standard Research Paper
  • The Interpretive Article or Essay
  • The Textbook
  • Principles of Consistent Publication

Chapter 12: Presenting Your Credentials for the Ultimate Decision

  • Continuous Preparation
  • Picking a Model
  • Looking Ahead to Tenure

Appendix A: What Do I Do if I Don’t Make Tenure?

Appendix B: Suggested Readings


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