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... one of the best books around on online learning. The book ... rises above the clamor of similar titles because, rather than focusing on software and technical mechanics, it concentrates on discourse, reflection, communication, interaction the real components of powerful teaching and powerful learning. James Rhem, The National Teaching & Learning Forum.

Traditional teachers seeking to embrace technology to enhance learning will recognize the benefits of the ideas and strategies presented in the book to build a community of learners. Although the book purports to be a practical guide to the online moderator (which it does with great success), it ultimately transforms one's concept of teacher and learner. — Distance-Educator.com

Facilitating Online Learning is a successful example of removing the distance from "distant learning." An effective moderator of online courses must have a repertoire of disciplined strategies for interaction with students. This book is a roadmap for traveling from "wallowing in the shallows" to "reasoned discourse" with copious examples that assist. It is not a philosophical examination of strategies but a real "how to" in an area sorely lacking any guidelines.

Many years ago I "taught" an online course to thirty students across the country. I learned how deeply personal people are when they speak with their fingers rather than their voices. How I could have used the advice contained in this volume. I certainly will distribute it to those who are designing courses as well as those moderators with whom I am working.
So much of online learning is scanning of text or streaming of lectures with didactic instruction from the moderator. Facilitating Online Learning is a fresh breeze in a stale and humid environment.
Bravo and thanks! — Inabeth Miller, JASON Foundation for Education, Waltham, MA

This book dares a facilitator of virtual communities to rethink assumptions and invent unconventional roles in a quest for deeper learning, reflective practice, and more efficient knowledge-building processes. You can not read this book without changing SOMETHING in your online behavior. You can not read this book without constructing for yourself a different understanding of online dialogue. — Beverly Hunter, Founder & Director of Piedmont Research Institute, Virginia

More than a guide to successful online instruction, this book explores the power of dialogue and dialectic in teaching and learning. Using the opportunities afforded by online environments the reader is empowered dissect, analyze and direct one of the most basic and powerful processes of learning — discussion.   Bruce Rigby, Group Manager, Online Delivery, Dept of Education, Employment and Training, Victoria, Australia

The Internet is transforming the educational landscape. Substantial skills are required to foster effective dialogs in any setting. The demands on the instructor are even greater when learners are at distant sites. Facilitating Online Learning distills the experience of a team at the Concord Consortium. Members of this group have extensive experience with learning networks, dating to projects such as the landmark National Geographic Kids Network. They have continued to extend this expertise in current projects such as the International Netcourse Teacher Enhancement Coalition (INTEC), developed to support a network of teachers exploring inquiry-based science and mathematics teaching.  Facilitating Online Learning provides practical advice on ways in which netcourse instructors can move out of the middle and facilitate collaborative dialogs among online learners. It is a classic guide that should be on the bookshelf of anyone who is moderating an online course. — Glen L. Bull, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

It’s precisely the type of book that I was hoping it would be — it balances theory and practice very well, with an emphasis on the practice. — David Hirsch, Manager of Faculty Training, Harcourt Higher Education, Cambridge, MA

First, congratulations to the authors! They have taken on important issues related to effective online course activity: WHAT is online educational facilitation and HOW can it best be done? Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators is a readable and valuable contribution to the relatively new but tremendously hot area of netcourses and e-learning, providing welcome explanations, strategies, and real examples of moderating that can meet the needs of classroom teachers, university faculty, and professional development. Experienced and novice online educators, looking either for new techniques to add to their inventory or for strategies to improve their overall teaching in online mode will find this book informative and useful. — Linda Harasim, TeleLearning Network Leader and CEO, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia

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