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Wish I Were: Felt Pathways of the Self
Edited by Linda Rogers

Wish I Were: Felt Pathways of the Self is a collection of stories which explores a semiotic approach to the factors involved in identity construction. Who am I? How has society contributed to the way I interpret events? How do signs and cultural symbols interact in the ever-evolving process of being? These are questions Linda and several other semioticians raise in this extraordinary volume of narratives that reflect the symbols of how we define ourselves.

"Ethically principled positions such as those put forward by Rogers and her contributors currently have limited purchase in a world where trust, love, and collective struggle have been replaced by the imperatives of a technocratic society bent upon ecological destruction and economic exploitation. ... Linda Rogers has courageously chartered new territories in an attempt to pry educational psychology away from the pedagogical vice-grip of psychometric measurement and cognitive reductionism. Therapists, educators, parents, and community workers would do well to follow Rogers’ lead in situating the self within the social and the social within the semiotic."      From the Preface by Peter McLaren, University of California — Los Angeles


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ISBN# 1-891859-24-2
233 pages

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