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Our Web Is Back!

After over a week of our website missing, we are back. However, we need to make many changes to it in order to make it truly workable. We appreciate your patience.

Meanwhile, let's celebrate the return of the website. Let's celebrate with three of our most exciting and popular titles. Plus, let's do free shipping on them through November 30, 2015. 

Successful Beginnings for College Teaching Teaching Today's College Students Envisioning Equity

New Case Studies Series Available

We are launching a new project now: Our individual case studies for focusing on classroom communication with an emphasis on diversity and sustainability. Visit their page to learn more.

Open Access

Our classic title, Distance Leaners in Higher Education, is now available as Open Access. It is the book that informed much of current practice in distance teaching and learning.

And, how has a title stayed so current for so long? Perhaps, it is because it focuses not on the phenominal technology that proliferates so rapidly, but on the human dimension of the teaching/learning process.

Educators continue to weigh the technology in relation to good teaching practices. This book paved the way for that continuing conversation.

For more on the book and to access it, go to our Distance Learners in Higher Education page.

Now Available

Department Chair Leadership Skills
by Walter H. Gmelch and Val D. Miskin

A Process Approach to General Education Reform: Transforming Institutional Culture in Higher Education
edited by Susan Gano-Phillips and Robert W. Barnett

The Dynamic Classroom: Engaging Students in Higher Education
edited by Catherine Black

The Archetypal Hero's Journey in Teaching and Learning:
A Study in Jungian Pedagogy

by Clifford Mayes

Something New for Academic Leaders

We have started an exciting new feature that we call Occasional Essays for those in leadership positions. We envision new essays at least 4 times a year. Because we do not wish to send you information that you may not want, we ask that you sign up to receive the Essays or notification that they have been posted.

Click on the icon to subscribe or to view our third Essay, entitled "Department Chair Call for Leadership -- Part 2" which is an excerpt from our new Department Chair Leadership Skills.

Our premier essay was "Hard Times, Tough Decisions," by Harry Peterson, author of Leading a Small College or University and may be viewed as well.

Doing More with Less...

We know that many institutions are struggling to do just that  do more with less resources. We want to help in the ways we can. From time to time, we will announce special offers, so check back frequently.

We would like to highlight two special offers: The New Instructor Package and Veteran Instructor Package. Both packages offer several books for $50.00  about a 33% savings.

Or, browse our site for other exciting ideas.


Concepts and Choices for Teaching:
Meeting the Challenges of Higher Education

Second Edition
by William M. Timpson and Sue Doe
with Foreword by Parker Palmer

Just in time for the new semester. An updated edition of a classic.


147 Practical Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation

by William M. Timpson, Edward J. Brantmeier, Nathalie Kees, Tom Cavanagh, Claire McGlynn, and Elavie Ndura-Oudraogo

Premiered at the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, WI, this volume shares "tips" garnered from the accumulated years of work of the authors. It is a critical topic for a critical time.

Beyond Subject Matter Expertise:
Strategies for Instructing Adults

Glenn Ross Johnson
& Robert Magnan

Recently premiered at the annual meeting of NISOD, this new title is designed to help the new educator learn the basics of preparing a class, seminar, or training session. It is designed for educators as well as those who don't think of themselves as educators but find themselves in that role.


147 Publishing Tips for Professors
by Danny R. Arnold

Just in time for planning your publishing projects. See what you can do now to prepare for a career of publishing success.


2009 AERA Outstanding Research Publication Award

Congratulations to Kathleen King and Joan Griggs, editors of the collected volume, Harnessing Innovative Technology in Higher Education.

The award was presented at the American Education Research Association Division I meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 in San Diego. Kathleen King was there to accept the award.

The book is a collection of analyses of a number of the FIPSE projects, each of which was designed to create and implement creative new programs to further the possibilities of technology in higher education.

Click here to learn more about the book.


Susan Petrilli, author of Approaches to Communication, has been named the 2008 recipient of the Sebeok Fellow Award presented by the Semiotics Society of America. The award is given in honor of Thomas A. Sebeok.

Long Shadows: Veterans' Paths to Peace won the Montaigne Medal award. Congratulations to the authors and contributors! For more information, click here.



Chronicle of Higher Education Excerpt

from Leading a Small College or University
June 2008

Atwood Publishing offers books and related products for higher education professionals.

We invite you to preview our books, examine their tables of contents, and meet their authors. Click on your topic of choice. 


Some Exciting Options...

147 Tips For Teaching Peace and Reconciliation
by William M. Timpson, Edward J. Brantmeier, Nathalie Kees, Tom Cavanagh, Claire McGlynn, and Elavie Ndura-Oudraogo

Beyond Subject Matter Expertise:
Strategies for Instructing Adults

by Glenn Ross Johnson & Robert Magnan

147 Publishing Tips for Professors
by Danny R. Arnold

Approaches to Communication: Trends in Global Communication Studies
edited by Susan Petrilli

Leading a Small College or University:
A Conversation that Never Ends

by Harry L. Peterson

Inside Education: Depth Psychology in Teaching and Learning
by Clifford Mayes

Teaching Today's College Students: Widening the Circle of Success
by Angela Provitera McGlynn

147 Practical Tips for Synchronous and Blended Technology Teaching and Learning
by Rosemary M. Lehman and Richard A. Berg

Win Them Over: Dynamic Techniques for College Adjuncts and New Faculty
by Patricia Linehan

The College to Career Road Map: A Four-Year Guide to Finding Your Path
by Terese Corey Blanck, Peter Vogt, and Judith Anderson

Long Shadows: Veterans' Paths to Peace
edited by David Giffey with a foreword by Howard Zinn

Harnessing Innovative Technology in Higher Education: Access, Equity, Policy, and Instruction
edited by Kathleen P. King and Joan K. Griggs

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability:
Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society
by William M. Timpson, Brian Dunbar, Gailmarie Kimmel, Brett Bruyere, Peter Newman, and Hillary Mizia

Dancing on the Glass Ceiling:
Women, Leadership, and Technology

Edited by Don Olcott, Jr. and Darcy Hardy

Sharing Community: 
Strategies, Tips, and Lessons Learned from Experiences of Community Building at Options

by Gary Messinger and Lisa Mills

147 Practical Tips for Using Icebreakers with College Students                                                 by Robert Magnan

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity
edited by William Timpson, Raymond Yang, Evelinn A. Borrayo, and Silvia Sara Canetto

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