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Collapsing Educational Boundaries from Preschool to PhD
Nicholas D. Young & Lynne M. Celli

The current array of education options is continually expanding, yet now more than ever that spectrum of options is divided into distinct strata. From elementary schools to community colleges to graduate schools, most institutions and degrees are isolated, with little communication or smooth transition.

In Collapsing Educational Boundaries, Nicholas Young and Lynne Celli, experienced educators and authors, investigate how these boundaries can be bridged, creating a more cohesive, whole, and ultimately fulfilling system of education. They make the case that a more deeply integrated system would serve students more effectively by guiding them through a logical continuum of learning, rather than a series of highly separated stages. Thus they advocate for more coordination and collaboration between the disparate institutions and levels of education.

As the authors write:
"In an effort to promote stronger connections across all levels, educators from preschool to PhD will need to possess an increased awareness of how the skills they are teaching — academic and social-emotional — fit into the larger educational framework."

In this book you'll find topics including:

• Social and Emotional Development at the Early Childhood Level

• High School and College Readiness

• Community Colleges as Essential Bridges to Everywhere

• Economic Realities of Educational Attainment
Virtual Education in the College and Graduate School Domains

Collapsing Educational Boundaries will prove a useful and highly thought-provoking resource for educators at any level, as well as for policymakers who wish to better understand and further effective education.

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   Collapsing Educational Boundaries 

138 pages

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