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To Campus with Confidence: Supporting the Successful Transition to College for Students with Learning Disabilities

Nicholas D. Young, Christine N. Michael, Teresa A. Citro

College transitions present challenges for all students, parents, and academic institutions, but for students with Learning Disabilities, there are added layers of challenges. The authors highlight some of those layers from both a practitioner standpoint and a student and family stand point. The practitioner view notes the research and best practices for working with students and the student/family view notes the preparation and continued efforts that can promote a smooth transition to entry and finally to graduation.

The authors detail their goals and motivations for creating this volume:
  • All students with the ability and interest should be accepted to and succeed in postsecondary education.
  • A troubling number of students with LD are not retained to graduation; thus, they leave college with a sense of personal failure, potential debt, and limited career opportunities in their future.
  • There are typical transitional issues that all students must face as they move from adolescence to early adulthood, but those issues may have particular significance for the student with LD.
  • There are multiple facets to a successful transition, so many domains (cognitive, social, emotional) must be addressed.
  • There is age-specific knowledge that could aid parents, teachers, school counselors, and other helping professionals in assisting adolescents to become more proficient learners, better self-advocates, and more integrated members of the college community.
  • Best practices that lead to transitional success for students with LD must be identified and shared.
Working with students with Learning Disabilities as they enter postsecondary education and following them on their journey to graduation is an exciting and powerful effort for all involved. Find guidance here for that journey.

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ISBN# 978-0-9972489-5-1

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