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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity
Second Edition

by William M. Timpson,  Raymond K. Yang, Evelinn A. Borrayo, Silvia Sara Canetto, Jessica Gonzalez-Voller, and Malcolm E. Scott

Diversity is a critical issue, both in our society and in education. Classrooms provide an ideal vantage point to open discussions and explore diversity on a deep and lasting level. But, how do educators do that? These Tips presented by various educators explore concepts of diversity and utilize tried and true techniques for implementing diversity content across the curriculum.
Lead author, William Timpson, writes in the Preface about his own journey and about how the conversation has changed since the first Tips edition: 

It is evident to me that diversity requires a much more multilayered focus with links to global issues that impact everyone. I also recognize how traditional classroom approaches are often left wanting when, in fact, direct experiences may be needed to challenge old beliefs, habits, and feelings.

Learn How To:

Incorporate diversity content in all content areas
Face conflict with sensitivity and creativity
Unlearn stereotyping and prejudice
Create safe, open, inclusive, and supportive classrooms
Challenge ideas, attitudes, and beliefs

As issues of diversity have evolved, so must strategies for inclusion and open, safe discussion. Use these Tips as quick suggestions and then deepen them to meet your own classroom needs.

Whatever your experiences with teaching diversity, this book is sure to help both you and your students expand your thinking and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity 2nd Ed

ISBN# 978-1-891859-50-2
167 Pages


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