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Envisioning Equity:
Educating and Graduating Low-income,
First-generation, and Minority College Students

by Angela Provitera McGlynn

Our nation faces some daunting education problems. One of the most pressing is the need to educate young people so that they will become productive citizens who can live comfortably and contribute positively. America's competitive edge is threatened internationally. The reason is simple: too few Americans are earning postsecondary degrees, which are increasingly becoming pre-requisites to a middle-class life.

America will not reach its goal of educating more young people without graduating more low-income, first-generation to college, and minority college students. Graduating more of this historically underserved population is the right thing to do, both for them as individuals and for our nation as a whole. Unfortunately, the solutions are not as easily understood as the reasons for the problems.

In Envisioning Equity: Educating and Graduating Low-income, First-generation, and Minority College Students, veteran professor emeritus Angela Provitera McGlynn spells out not only the clear-cut case for higher education and Americas slippage on the world scene, she addresses solutions. Her solutions fall into two categories: What can college professors do to promote academic success? What can college administrators and public policy makers do to get more students through the educational pipeline to a college degree? 

This book is a must for educators and law makers committed to being part of the solution to Americas rocky educational playing field.

Envisioning Equity

ISBN# 978-1-891859-84-7

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