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Teaching Diversity: 
Challenges and Complexities, 
Identities and Integrity

Edited by
William M. Timpson, Silvia Sara Canetto, 
Evelinn A. Borrayo, and Raymond Yang

Diversity in higher education—both in the student body and the faculty—is an idea much heralded in academia. But how do committed faculty plan for diversity, teach it, and find opportunities within courses to expand on the canon of their discipline? How can diversity issues be dealt with in a sensitive yet exciting manner?

The contributors to this volume asked themselves these questions, exploring their own experiences, sharing what their lives had taught them, and making sense of difficult and sometimes conflicting ideologies. Together, the faculty and staff at Colorado State University created a safe environment for each other to search, question, and then take their new awareness out into the greater community.

This is a compilation of their thoughts and struggles as they explored the complexities of a diverse world and institution. It is a search for ways in which identity is preserved and celebrated, a search that supports integrity for all.

This volume shares a portion of what they learned and shared. It can serve as a starting point for discussions on other campuses eager to move forward with diversity initiatives.

ISBN# 1-891859-45-5
Product #185

304 pages


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