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Volume 1
Classrooms and Communication

Integrating Diversity, Sustainability, Peace,
and Reconciliation

Edited by William M. Timpson & Debra K. Holman

Society looks to higher education to anticipate future challenges, develop innovative solutions, and model the action and behavior that society must take in order to continue to evolve. In this edited volume, Bill Timpson and Debra K. Holman have invited a diverse collection of university students from a graduate education class to contribute original case studies. . . .

The case studies in this volume can represent one way forward toward a new curricula, one that is grounded in the compelling issues of the day, engaging and meaningful, yet respectful of inherent complexities that call for more than rote memorization of simple explanations or formulas. . . .

Clearly, we need our colleges and universities as active partners in the search for answers, and case study development allows for contributions to our curricula from a broad and diverse base of students, teachers, and others.

Anthony Cortese, from the foreword, Higher Education's True Role: Creating a Healthy, Just, Secure, and Sustainable Society

As an innovator in learning strategies, William Timpson uses case study methodology as a tool for helping students to learn from their own experiences, both in the classroom and the community. The case study format also helps students frame those experiences in a way that enables them to share what they have learned with others. Each of the selections in this volume focuses on issues of diversity, sustainability, peace, and reconciliation. These concepts are then contextualized in a wide array of environments, and roughly fall into five categories:

1. Education
2. Business, media, and law
3. Environment
4. Families and communities
5. Values and ethics

Timpson begins by explaining his use of the case study approach, and then models the approach with his own case study. Using his research as a basis, he reflects on his experience in “Facing the Truth: Northern Ireland Confronts its Violent History.” The case studies that follow come from the students’ work and activities, each situated within teaching and learning theory and each highlighting a critical issue facing academic institutions and the whole of society. 

Foreword by Anthony Cortese
    Free download (pdf)

Introduction: Teaching and the Case Study Method
    by William M. Timpson and Debra K. Holman
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Case Studies

Classroom & Communication Case StudiesVolume 1

Classrooms & Communication: Integrating Diversity, Sustainability, Peace, & Reconciliation

edited by
William M. Timpson
& Debra K. Holman




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Volume 2

Controversial Case Studies for Teaching on Sustainability, Conflict, & Diversity

edited by
William M. Timpson
& Debra K. Holman


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