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Teaching Today's College Students:
Widening the Circle of Success
by Angela Provitera McGlynn

A college classroom is, in essence, a teacher and some students. Your job as the teacher is to teach. The students job is to learn.

If only it were really so simple.

On todays college campuses, theres no such thing as the "typical" student or even the "'typical" teacher. Diversity abounds (among both students and faculty) across several dimensions: generation, racial/ethnic background, and socioeconomic status, among many others.

Your students bring their own melting pot of upbringings and experiences with them to class every single dayand so do youmaking for a modern instructional environment that is more challenging, but also more potentially rewarding, than ever.

In Teaching Todays College Students: Widening the Circle of Success, veteran college professor and author Angela Provitera McGlynn walks you through the complexities of understanding todays diverse college students and shows you how to actually apply that knowledge in your classroom instructional activitiesso that all of your students reach their full potential as learners. Youll discover:

  • The wide-ranging demographics of todays college students and the inevitable instructional challengesand opportunitiesthat result.
  • The relatively new and often troublesome classroom behaviors that can have a profoundly negative effect on both your students learning and your teachingunless you deal with them or, better yet, prevent them in the first place by understanding their often innocent causes.
  • The innovative pedagogical strategies you can use to engage todays students, motivate them, and help them develop the critical thinking skills theyll need to find success and satisfaction after college.

ISBN-13: 978-1-891859-70-0
138 pages


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