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Teaching & Performing
Ideas for Energizing Your Classes
Second Edition
by William M. Timpson, Suzanne Burgoyne

To be or not to be. That is the question. To be a teacher-performer or not to be. Authors Timpson and Burgoyne assert that teachers are inherently performers and as such, techniques from the stage enhance and expand a teacherís ready repertoire of discipline-based content.

While teachers are trained as planners and scholars, very few are trained as performers. Using performance theory, the authors show how an educator can transform ordinary classroom experiences into occasions that attract and engage the students.

In this second edition of Teaching and Performing, the authors expand on the possibilities of using warm-up exercises, assuming roles, props, lighting, blocking, energy, concentration, and a variety of other techniques important to good theatre and good teaching.


ISBN# 1-891859-43-9
282 pages


Table of Contents
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Authors' Biographies

William M.Timpson
Suzanne Burgoyne

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