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147 Publishing Tips for Professors
by Danny R. Arnold

Publishing in academia is assumed. Be it reporting on research, analyzing data, or reviewing the literature, most academics need to publish as a part of their appointments. Some approach it with anxiety, while others seem to enjoy and become energized by the process. How can you become one who is energized? Danny Arnold helps you find the sometimes hidden talents, opportunities, and options that you have.

From practical considerations about finding the best-fit publication for your writing, to rethinking your research and teaching, to planning for presentations, this volume offers quick tips to get you started and excited about sharing your work and ideas with those in your profession. Arnold reminds you that each solution you find in teaching can become a viable question for further research and publication. He also encourages academics to look closely at your own questions and curiosities about your discipline and use these as stepping off points.


  • Construct your research tool chest

  • Make the most of your ideas

  • Locate the the best outlets for your work

  • Find connections

  • Balance your efforts and time

Of particular interest is Arnold’s enthusiastic belief that publishing can be an enriching experience, not only for those creating the piece, but as a shared endeavor with colleagues and students – and sometimes the larger community.  

147 Publishing Tips for Professors

ISBN# 978-1-891859-72-4
84 Pages


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