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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability:
Connecting the Environment, the Economy,
and Society

by William M. Timpson, Brian Dunbar, Gailmarie Kimmel, Brett Bruyere, Peter Newman, and Hillary Mizia

With Forewords by Anthony Cortese and David Orr

"We are the first generation capable of determining the habitability of the planet for humans and other species," writes Anthony Cortese in the Foreword. "Teachers at every level can play an important role in helping us find a sustainable path."

All who work with sustainability issues realize that it is a community project. We must decide collectively about the earth and its future. As a community — be it a geographic, social, academic, or professional community — we need to know where to begin, how to collaboratively work, and where to find resources.

Most of us belong to communities that are concerned about sustainability issues, but do not have that as their primary mandate, such as a business, a history class, or a civic group. These groups have a tremendous opportunity to incorporate sustainability awareness into their activities. And this volume will help find those opportunities and make the best use of group resources.

So try a Tip and begin to change the world!

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ISBN# 978-1891859-60-1

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Review by the Educational Developers Caucus

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