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How Am I Teaching? Forms and Activities for Acquiring Instructional Input
By Maryellen Weimer, Joan Parrett, & Mary-Margaret Kerns

If you're like most instructors, this is a question that you've asked yourself many times. That's why Weimer, Parrett, and Kerns have compiled this guide–so it's easier to get the answers that you need to this crucial question.

How Am I Teaching? contains nine forms and activities that allow you to gather information about what you're doing and how well you're doing it. The authors begin with a simple diagnostic matrix to guide you to the form or activity which best suits your needs. Then they summarize each of the nine tools, highlighting the value and limitations. Make copies of whichever tool(s) you've selected and you're on your way to better teaching!

How Am I Teaching?

ISBN# 1-891859-21-8
100 pages


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