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A Process Approach to General Education Reform: Transforming Institutional Culture in Higher Education
edited by Susan Gano-Phillips and Robert W. Barnett

The call for general education reform in higher education has sounded clearly and consistently, but responses to this call have been varied. Gano-Phillips, Barnett, and the texts contributors believe that many of the institutional efforts have been content focused, and they argue that this fragments the efforts, creating divides between constituencies. Instead, the editors and contributors urge reformers to adopt a process focus which creates a community striving toward a goal together.

In A Process Approach, editors Gano-Phillips and Barnett have put together a definitive collection of essays on the reform of general education programs in higher education, presented much like case studies. The contributors come from large and small institutions and from various parts of the country. Common among all the stories is the emphasis on bringing together all the stakeholders so that all can be represented and heard. Collectively, this group then works with a process approach to reach a general education reform appropriate to and reflective of the individual institution.

As Gano-Phillips and Barnett write in the Introduction:

A one-size-fits-all approach has not proven successful historically. Rather, as campus culture and reform processes are examined in synchrony, we contend that sustainable and substantive curricular reform is more likely to occur.

This book offers readers and reformers paths for examining and encouraging the evolution of their unique campus cultures. And, through that examination, new and more useful models can emerge, resulting in a curricular reform that can be embraced by all. 

A Process Approach to General Education Reform

ISBN: 978-1-891859-81-1

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