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attaining an academic appointment
by Bill McHenry, S. Kent Butler, and Jim McHenry

Imagine your life on a timeline. How can the choices you make today reach down that long continuum, to the places you want to be in the near and distant future?

Choices about your academic job search are critical to making those visions concrete.

Attaining an Academic Appointment is designed specifically for doctoral students and other academics searching for a relevant and productive position. Drawing on their experiences on both sides of the appointment process, as both applicant and search committee member, they share strategies to maximize opportunities and practical advice to minimize surprises.

From the Introduction:

What we offer is a set of strategies and body of advice that will help you find the right fit in the academy: the right institution, the right department, and the right colleagues. ... Each of us found a place in academia at the end of a unique journey, and we trust that this book will assist you during yours.

Section I, Nuts and Bolts, carefully examines the different stages of the higher education job search, offering practical techniques for navigating the process.

Section II, Stories from the Field, includes an impressive array of personal narratives from successful academic faculty members that detail the highs and lows of their job searches, and important lessons learned.

The Appendices contain a wealth of tables, charts, and figures that the authors encourage you to use in your own search.

Attaining an Academic Appointment

ISBN# 978-1-891859-88-5

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