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How To Teach Adults
Second Edition
William A. Draves

The now classic volume is currently in its second edition. Familiar on the shelves of many teachers of adult learners, the new volume adds sections on the Learning Environment and on Learning in the Twenty-First Century.

Any teacher of adults becomes aware that adults learn differently than traditional students and they have different needs, desires, and expectations. They tend to be more goal oriented, having limited tolerance for activities that they don’t see as relevant. They have other demands on their lives and, thus, time and attention become juggling acts for them. And, they want their work to be obviously meaningful to them. These differences are a challenge to the classroom teacher who teaches in a more traditional setting.

How do you accommodate these learners? Draves grounds adult learning first in the characteristics that differentiate adults from other learners and then shows how these differences can be addressed within a classroom without the need for a complete overhaul of a course. Use this book to help your adult learners and to appreciate the wealth of knowledge they bring to the setting.


What they're saying about...

If you want to teach adults successfully and enjoyably, this is the book to have at hand.
— Ron Gross, author of The Lifelong Learner

A marvelously comprehensive and practical guide to teaching adults. Useful for frequent reference.
— Allen Tough, author of The Adult’s Learning Projects

A down to earth book dealing with reality. There are many specifics that will be helpful to the experienced practitioner as well as to the beginner.
— Leonard Nadler, author of Developing Human Resources

A book which is useful to all adult education teachers — beginning and experienced. Draves writes in a very readable style with jargon-free language.
— Donald W. Mocker, in The Adult Learning Review of Books

ISBN# 1-57722-003-x
127 pages

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