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Distance Learners in Higher Education: Institutional Responses
for Quality Outcomes
edited by Chère Campbell Gibson

by Michael G. Moore

Chapter 1
Distance Learners in Higher Education 
by Melody M. Thompson

Chapter 2
Gender in Distance Education 
by Elizabeth Burge

Chapter 3 
Understanding and Supporting the Culturally Diverse Distance Learner  
by Irene Sanchez and Charlotte N. Gunawardena

Chapter 4 
The Distance Learner s Academic Self-Concept 
by Chère Campbell Gibson

Chapter 5 
Improving Learning Outcomes: The Effects of Learning Strategies and Motivation 
by Christine H. Olgren

Chapter 6 
Learning in a Networked World: New Roles and Responsibilities 
by Terry D. Anderson and D. Randy Garrison

Chapter 7 
The Distance Learner in Context 113
by Chère Campbell Gibson

Chapter 8 
Supporting Learners at a Distance from Inquiry through Completion 
by Daniel Granger and Meg Benke

In Retrospect 
by Chère Campbell Gibson



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