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Table of Contents

Fables, Labels, and Folding Tables
by Randy L Mitchell

Foreword: Cloud Watching 101

About this Book

   Folding Tables
   Professional Acting
   Hope and Fear

   So Close
   Working Without a Net
   Auto Biography
   The Definite Article
   Private Holidays

   Leadership Recipes
   A New Coat of Paint
   Can't You Just Imagine
   Winning Isn't Everything
   Floor Finishes

   Ringo, the Packers, 007, and Me
   Double Rubs
   Leading the Gaggle
   The Role of Roles

   HVAC 101
   Cultural Distinction (What's My Culture?)
   Old Soldiers

   The Ethics of Political Correctness
   Window Treatments
   Pieces of the Past
   Passing Stones
   Dear Chandra

Table of "Context": Reflection Questions


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