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Table of Contents

The Dynamic Classroom:
Engaging Students in Higher Education

edited by Catherine Black


Part One: Preparing the Ground for Engaging Students

It Is Yours for the Asking: Using Questioning to Promote Discussion in the Classroom
by Eileen Wood

Strategies for Engaging Students with Learning Disabilities
by Jacqueline A. Specht

Mind Mapping: Engaging Students
by Ernest Biktimirov

Part Two: Engaging Students in a Variety of Settings

The Dreaded Pause: Initiating and Sustaining Discussion in a Small-to Medium-Sized Classroom
by Kathy Cawsey

Teaching Large Classes
by Mike Atkinson

The Inquiry Circle
by Jeanette McDonald

Part Three: Engaging Students with New Technologies

Blog or Discussion Board: Which Is the Right Tool to Choose?
by Matt Crosslin

LiveJournal: Technological Solutions to Traditional Journaling Problems
by Margaret D. Anderson

Online Teaching: The Joys of Joining the Discussion
by M. Louise Ripley

Using Electronic Portfolios to Foster Communication in K-12 Classrooms
by Elizabeth Meyer, Anne Wade, Vanitha Pillay, Einat Idan, and Philip C. Abrami

Broadcollecting: Using Personal Response Systems ("Clickers") to Transform Classroom Interaction
by Tom Haffie

Podcast: A Tool to Pique Curiosity, Evoke a Response, and Create Opportunities for Student Engagement
by Dave Yearwood

Part Four: Assessing Studentsí Engagement

Assessment of Online Participation
by Denise Stockley and Wendy Freeman

When Learning Matters: Studentsí Assessment and Participation Using Portfolios in Higher Education
by Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts


For Further Reflection and Action



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